Epulse Web Info was founded in 2008 to help companies increase revenue and control their brands via an ever expanding universe of online web properties. We have executed dozens of online marketing campaigns with significant results. We can help you:

  • Drive traffic, acquire registrants, users, or customers
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Build audience buzz around your brand
  • Create direct sales
  • Step in to control a brand in the event of a media disaster
  • Discover key affinity or user groups with whom you need relationships
  • Set up delivery mechanisms so your messaging is distribute far and wide
  • Conduct viral campaigns to for better distribution
  • Enhance existing mass media or other marketing channels

We are not able to reveal client names due to confidentiality and privacy agreements, however here are some use cases from our work:

Epulse Web Info Customer Case Studies

Social Media Marketing Reelin in the Years - Naxos

Naxos- www.naxos.com - a leading classical music publisher, hired Epulse Web Info to help market and create demand for a services of DVD's called "The British Invasion" - www.reelinintheyears.com/britishinvasion . Epulse Web Info reached out over 2,000 times on behalf of Naxos to hundreds of sites and engaged in conversation with thousands of potential customers. Results were a ton of social media traffic and purchases of the DVD sets.

ePulse Web Info has worked closely with e-marketing Giant YEPME.COM

YEPME.COM - www.yepme.com - Yepme is India's biggest online fashion brand, which services over 1000 cities monthly as against most offline retail fashion brands, which service only 75 cities. Yepme now delivers close to 500,000 units to its customers every month. Yepme's mission is to democratize fashion in India. The brand targets style conscious men & women between the ages of 20-29 years, in India. The target segment has a high level of fashion awareness through TV, Internet and Movies and wants Fresh Fashion every day.

ePulse Web Info has worked closely with e-marketing Giant YEBHI.COM

YEBHI.COM - www.yebhi.com - powered the sale of multi brand Footwear online. Enormous success in the footwear category inspired us to expand into other categories like Apparels, Accessories, Bags, Jewellery and Mobiles. They work with mission is: To provide best value for money to our customers To provide fastest shipping to the customer orders To provide widest range of choices for the customers To enable the brand partners to reach the widest audience. They don't buy products without brand authorization rather runs own warehousing operations to fulfill the orders completely and achieve fastest shipping in the industry.

Free Clean Solar Uses Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation

Free Clean Solar- www.freecleansolar.com - is one of the leading US solar information hubs. FCS asked Epulse Web Info to develop and execute a social media marketing campaign designed to generate traffic and registered users. First, the staff at Epulse Web Info did extensive research on the industry to locate 400 different sites where solar and cleantech were topics of discussion. Epulse Web Info was asked to provide a cross-section of blogs, chat rooms, forum's, websites and news sites where FCS could build their brand. Once this research was done, Epulse Web Info developed extensive content with the staff of FCS for delivery to interested parties. Much of the content was industry related such as key trends, hot topics and other interesting solar information. Through a series of one-to-one conversations, times many, Epulse Web Info was able to deliver significant value via traffic and registered users to FCS. FCS has now become a bigger US solar brand and has achieved measurable results.

Wells Fargo Bank - Social Media Marketing Research on Mobile Business Offerings

Epulse Web Info was contacted by Wells Fargo Bank - www.wellsfargo.com - one of the largest banks in the United States to help them understand the absolute state-of-the-art of mobile business banking. Not surprisingly, the best information was found by going to over 500 different blogs, forums and chat rooms to understand the latest industry information. Here we discovered top bloggers, industry analysts, and banking executives discussing the future of mobile business banking. We used a variety of tools and techniques to decipher relevant and meaningful information in order to develop a comprehensive report for the bank.

True Games Gaming Portal - Social Media Marketing Reputation Enhancement and User Acquisition

Epulse Web Info worked with True Games - www.truegames.com - one of the world's largest gaming companies to enhance their online reputation and land new users. The company was interested in determining what gamers thought about their brand including one specific MMORPG game. Epulse Web Info was tasked with searching through chat rooms, forums, blogs, and other social media sites to determine consumer sentiment about the game. The data was gathered and reported to the company. Next, the gaming company asked if Epulse Web Info could help generate closed beta testers for a new version of the same game. Epulse Web Info went into action and used the same research and information to find 10,000 closed beta testers within a period of three weeks.

Kleintech - Needed New Social Media Consumer Marketing Channels

Epulse Web Info was asked by Kleintech - www.kleintech.com - a leading mobile provider to find new ways of marketing to land consumers for a mobile shopping decision engine. The application was designed for the iPhone, other smart phones and standard feature phones to enable consumers on the go. From a mobile phone, a consumer could look up product information, pricing information, comparable products, competitive products and more. The goal of the application is to help consumers know that they are getting the best possible value and price when shopping. The mobile company asked Epulse Web Info to explore new channels for distribution. Epulse Web Info found over 250 different channels including social media, chat rooms, forums, blogs and other areas where consumers were discussing shopping and enhancement mechanisms. Epulse Web Info is now in the process of executing marketing messages into those channels in order to help the mobile company lands new consumers and build their brand.